Hijackrr is a simple-to-use Wordpress plug-in-in that gives you the capability to hi-jack the power of a number of the largest sites on the web with just a couple clicks of your mouse.

What Is Hijackrr?

Would You Prefer To Hijack Any Site In The World? -

If Had A Link To Your Web Site, Would You Believe People Might Click On It?

Picture In Case Your Sales Site, Online Links, Or Choose-In Webpages Were Featured On The World’s Biggest Sites...and never having to create content or wait for days, months, and years to make it happen the “traditional mode”...

Fortunately That Is Possible With Hijackrr

Hijackrr is an easy-to-use Wp plug-in-in that gives you the capacity to hijack the ability of some of the largest websites on the web with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Picture having the capability to add your opt-in or also reveal a joint venture partner provide of your on sites like CNN, BBC, ESPN, shopping websites, or ANY website you want…

With Hijackrr, it only takes several clicks of your mouse and you’ll have INSTANT power and visitors.

How Does Hijackrr Perform?

Specific Characteristics of Hijackrr:

They’ve Mastered This Easy To-Use Software In The Last Year…

• Newcomer-Friendly plug-in is simple to install and use… also with no “tech skills"

• Hijack the ability of ANY web page in minutes

• It’s Easy To-customize EVERYTHING inside the add-in for greatest versatility

• Monetize ANY web site you desire… Picture getting your affiliate links on sites like Amazon or CNN

• Get FREE Virus-Like visitors in minutes

• Enhance your sales and get mo Re prospects with a few clicks

How It Operates:

STEP 1: Install The Hijackrr Plug-In

STEP TWO: Create An Effort In Just Moments

ACTION 3: Hijack Authority From ANY Internet Site And Get Viral Traffic And Revenue

View Hijackrr In Action…

Who Ought To Use Hijackrr?

The sole point you need is Wp, which is 100% free, fast, and safe. You may get set up in only a few minutes.

Hijackrr is ‘point and click’ simple to work with, and they include over-the-make video set up instruction to be sure you get up and working without any problems.

If you’re do-ing most situations on the web, it is for you…

Hijackrr allows one to IMMEDIATELY hijack power from ANY web site online…

Hijackrr works for...

• Selling your own personal goods

• Affiliate advertising

• high ticket provides

• e-commerce

• Lead generation and list-creating

• CPA provides

If you’re performing any of the subsequent, Hijackrr will save your self you time and make you money…

Thinking About Get Hijackrr Now?


• Produce webpages using present ability (or any) content

• Overlay timed or user behavior (way out) powered popups (Keep folks on the site)

• Produce user behavior re-direction. (Reroute folks to a different provide or site)

• Pop ups could be text,

• popups can provide tips, redirection, demand social press inter-action or email opt-in

• Lock sites and articles until prospect h-AS socialized

• Substitute all links on an expert page to your own hyperlink (affiliates link)

When You Use Hijacker

Your Opt-In Prices May Increase

Your Profits Will Go Up

Why That Is Way Better Than All The Additional “Jacker” Application Tools Out There…

Most “jacking” app uses I-frames to hi-jack additional folks’s sites. Several weeks right back about 50% of the greatest sites away there additional blockers that trigger you to get a blank page when you attempt to iframe their sites…

But Hijackrr is the world’s only software of its-kind that utilizes html-5 rather of iframes.

this indicates, it is simple to generate popups on any site you would like with links that go at which you need… Your movies, your affiliate links, you name it

This Doesn’t Only Work For Us… Look What These Newcomers Are Doing…

"This plugin allows me to viral traffic for my visitors campaigns, thus generating leads and sales on auto-pilot. The process is easy, its actually three measures which simply take moments to setup. I strongly urge this to any or all my followers who are searching for a straightforward solution to get revenue and mo-Re prospects. I love it!" - MARK WHITELY - Possessor of Freedom Lifestyle Searchers

"Hijackrr is the best tool to assume the authority of sites including CNN and BBC for your personal advantage. It really is like list building on-steroids. It is INVALUABLE for all marketers." - SERTA ASHENDORF - Numerous Six-Figure Earner

Exclusive Bonuses From Hijackrr

STAY Instruction Webinar

Join their clients just cyber-seminar where they reveal their key 3-step formula that h-AS enabled us to take their Hijackrr efforts to numerous six-figures per year. This is a whole game changer and you you need to on this stay contact.

Accessibility to their own Merchandise & Lead Magnet Container

In the years they have launched many award-winning advice items and they’re planning to provide you with entire life access to their merchandise vault so you can let them have away as guide magnets when you run your own Hijackrr efforts. This actually is a business in a carton

Secret Package

Yes that’s correct! They’ve bundled a group of astonishing great bonuses collectively so are giving in one huge box to you and that have assisted their companies over the years! They know you’re going to adore them, although there wasn’t enough space on the page to detail all of them, so alternatively it’s going to be a bit cryptic.


They don’t want such a thing to stop you from obtaining Hijackrr to day in the bottom price potential…

That’s why they’re going to provide you with a full 30 days to testdrive Hijackrr with no danger...

• Get Hijackrr today in the bottom price it will actually be

• Begin getting prospects and producing sales

• Use it to begin “hijacking” authority, get visitors right away

• Then decide if Hijackrr is for you…

They’re so confident that once you’ve started using Hijackrr, you’ll be therefore blown away (and make so much money), the last point you’ll want to do is quit using it……

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